A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

A mediocre translator burned out by capitalism.

A writer who has only been published once in her entire life.

They meet as roommates and develop a relationship that is perhaps much more than love.Story

I Became Gay from Translating My New Roommate’s Short Story (or GFT) is a yuri visual novel about two "working" adults in the city of Chicago. There are some adult elements. It is the first major project by the Prof. Lily visual novel collective, who aim to tell stories that face our harsh subcultural reality head-on.

  • Gay girls and moms 
  • Sublime tension between the gays 
  • A five chapter script spanning ~50k words
  • A showstopping array of Irasutoya illustrations
  • Original illustrations, too
  • Optional audio and image captions
  • Customisable warnings for sensitive content in-game
  • Sex

bb: CG Illustration (Chapter 2)

curry: Character Design, CG Illustration (All Chapters)

Kastel: Writing (Main Scenario), Audio Support

Len: Programming & Scripting, UI/Visual Design, Audio Support

rikako: Background Image Support

Saori: Writing (Junko scenes, Chapters 1—3), Editing (All Chapters)

Special Thanks: moekki and more to come

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorsProf. Lily, lacunova, Saori & Nitori
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Anime, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, wlw, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


GFT Demo (Win) 183 MB
GFT Demo (Mac) 241 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Users encountering issues expanding gft_demo_win.zip have reported that using 7zip to open the file fixed this issue. The file on the page has now been replaced with a newer version. If you are still encountering issues with the newer file then please contact us!

Mac: When opening the game for the first time, you may receive an 'unidentified developer' warning, which can be bypassed by right-clicking the file and selecting 'Open'. See here for further instructions.


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buzzword nonsense

Hope anyone on this team is still trying to get this developed. Seems pretty dead to me at this point.

Yo what happened to this vn, it seems like there is no update about it since last year.

Any plans to switch from Unity and, if so, would that entail any further delays?

my exe file wont open

loved the demo!! it shot me right where it hurts when it came to that last bit!!

Just played through the demo. I was really enjoying it (at 3 AM, felt ironic considering the story). I think I've only ever played? read? 2 or 3 visual novels and this demo really piqued my interest for the full version as well as visual novels in general. I wouldn't mind contributing to a patreon or kickstarter if that helped finish this up. Or maybe some minor merch. Just some way to monetarily show my support for this project.

last update was like an year ago, havent play the game yet but does someone know if the creator is planning to actully complete this??

update found out that on this website the game development was sadly delayed


Is this game still in development? The demo was amazing and I cant wait to see the full version!


read this

This demo is absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait to see the full version of this game!

Please. I need to see the full game. Now. *screaming*

For some reason I only get a black screen when I open the game :( 

please extend it! or make another story that has also 2 gay girls but more adult aged

the comedy and wholesomeness with some added spice, angst, and seriousness was tasty. 10/10.


Hey,we did a stream of this back in December.,but just uploaded it today...it left a great impact on us! We laughed, we cried,,it opened our eyes. . was really surprised it got so serious...and i love it for that. cant wait for the full release. sorry im not leaving a more thoughtful comment here, I only have so many spoons today but i can't wait to cover it more in the future for a video essay! 


just started this and so far i love it........... the antdueler theme caught me off guard at first until i saw the name antdueler pop up on screen and knew right away what it was, very cheeky reference but one that i personally love


I basically never comment but I wanted to say I really enjoy the writing style and the characterization present so far in the demo. I vibe so very much with all of the themes and issues being presented. I read your blog posts and understand that money is an issue so things will take time (fuckin' capitalism), but I wanted to say I really really like this and am rooting for you guys so hard!!!

(3 edits) (-2)

I don’t normally leave reviews, but in this case, I feel like I need to ask why a Visual Novel is using Unity, and why it requires DirectX 12 support from the GPU. If you need 3D features, that’s fine, use DirectX 9/10 or OpenGL 2 / 3. But DX12? That’s quite steep for a game like this.

Quick edit: This isn’t the only game I’m unable to enjoy due to this as well, there’s a bit of an alarming trend of developers “requiring” DX12 for things that have no need for DX12, namely VNs.

Edit 2: I can’t extract it on my machine either, the Unity Project exported colons ( : ) in the file / directory names, which cannot be used on Windows, and if you do manage to get one in a file / directory path, it can cause massive disk corruption / data loss. I now have to find a way to manipulate the location I extracted it to so I can undo the disaster that is the result of getting a colon in a directory / file name, as I cannot delete it using Windows, due to the colon in the path.

The game doesn't require D3D12 as far as I can tell. I'm using Wine on Linux, but the game starts with D3D11, even if Wine is set to behave like Windows 10. (Granted, I had to do my own fiddling for it to work, but that's not really relevant...) Regardless, you can force either one with `-force-d3d11` or `-force-d3d12` on the command line.

Also, Windows programs do like to choke on so-called "invalid characters", but having a colon in a file path is not going to corrupt your disk or otherwise cause you to lose data. If NTFS didn't support arbitrary file names, it wouldn't have let you extract the zip at all (you can use filenames with colons in NTFS on Linux and it works just fine!). It will still make things obnoxious on Windows, but that's unfortunately the name of the game with it...

Anyway, supporting older rendering backends is all well and good, but frankly there's nothing wrong with using Unity. It's just another tool that a developer can choose to use if they feel comfortable with it; it doesn't make the game less valid, even if it seems extreme to you. It is unfortunate that it seemingly no longer supports anything <D3D11, and supporting OpenGL or Vulkan on Windows requires explicit action from the developer... Fortunately, though, these days DXVK (the D3D-to-Vulkan translation layer normally used to run Windows games on Linux) can be used on Windows for GPUs with Vulkan support, which can come in handy in some cases :)

(3 edits)

Well, my NAS using a NTFS disk got completely screwed up by the colon in the path; I had to use Linux to delete the folder, as Windows wouldn’t let me, even when I put the disk directly on my Windows machine.

As for the D311, I don’t have that either. DxDiag claims I have support, but I ran a test to see if it actually existed; it did not, only D39 exists apparently.

EDIT: I cannot extract the files with a colon in the name; Windows Explorer errors out with the following error: Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect. Image of error: Image of error mentioned above

(Sorry about the image above not working as of 10:58 CST [GMT-6] 19-01-22; itch.io returns a 500 Internal Server Error when retrieving the image for display here.)

What does 'Optional audio and image captions' mean? That entail voice acting or something?

Hi! Audio and image captions mean that whenever a new sound plays (including music) or a new image appears on screen, it'll be accompanied by text at the bottom of the screen that describes what the sound or image is. Hope that helps!


it's so well written and so fun to play! i got to the 'end of demo' screen and did a silent scream with head in hands because WOW i did not want it to end. absolutely looking forward to the full game. i find it very interesting how junko is facing the 'questioning my passion' thing and i'im really curious about how she resolves it in the end! i'm sure it'd be very inspiring. aaaaaaaaaa!!!!


I feel like I'd be doing this game a disservice if I didn't write a review for it. Not because it's particularly great, but because there's a lot of potential here to make it that way. The initial appeal of the game for me was Fiona's design, which is eye-catching and unique. The music and art in this game is top notch, except for the Antdueler theme which kinda sucks. However, the most important part of a visual novel is the writing, which is lacking in some areas. I like how Fiona will often go on a spiel about translating and what it means to do that for a living, giving some insight into a job most people never take the time to think about. This works in the beginning of the game when she's alone and there are no plot points being introduced, but the pizza parlor scene is where the game quality starts slipping. During this time the player's interest has shifted to Junko, the new and mysterious love interest, and what will come of her first outing with Fiona. Rather than focus on the girl in front of her, Fiona spends the entire time mulling over a troubling Twitter thread by herself and chooses not to discuss it with Junko. This scene would flow a lot better and be much more interesting if instead of a wall of narration, the information was given through a conversation between the knowledgeable Fiona and the interested Junko. As it is now, this scene is very boring, and I think a back-and-forth between the two characters would be leagues more engaging. The other gripe I have with the writing is the awkward shift to third person after getting back to the apartment. Putting the player in Junko's shoes is a great idea executed poorly. I think this transition would feel much smoother if the narration stayed in first person but the color of the text box changed to indicate that a different character is speaking. There is also a bug that made me unable to load the game from the main menu. I had to start a new game and wait until I could load my save from the prologue. Not game breaking or very annoying, but something worth fixing. I hope you take my criticisms to heart and create a game well worth the seven dollars.


really comfy and good !


good story and well written :) it shows well how the world is , 

Junko and Fiona are so cute :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Very relatable. Peak millennial media.

And the features didn't lie, that's a lot Irasutoya illustrations.


this is the cutest shit i've ever seen

update: read through the demo and really enjoyed it, I can't wait for the full game to release :)


very gay.